Wednesday, 4 August 2010

SP Comic

Posted quickly from a public PC to host a comic for a competition in SP.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

inSYSTEM now up. Only one article, but that's 'cause it's only been notified to [PEA]..(and also because I have no others).

Heavy Metal War

Some stuff about MB and stuff. You can ignore it if you like.

Saturday, 1 May 2010


Seems I might not be disconnected for May. We'll see.
Also, bloody advert-virus...AVG and MBAM can't find it -.-

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Raindance = FAIL

Blitz scuppered Raindance with the help of 3 wishes. The timeshift missiles now no longer work -.-
But, semi-alliance with UGDF! Publicly fighting, but that's flash clones, holograms, and AIs. Secretly helping each other, etc.

So, I'm gonna be down for May. I reckon I'll use the time to write up some text stories based on the Moonbase RP and Raindance, maybe call it Universe War. Should have 'em up on here after May's done.

Also, gonna get myself Classics Masterpiece Starscream for birthday :)
Speaking on which...happy birthday Star Pirates!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

General updates

Bandwidth is gonna cut me off all through May :(
Oh well.

TSF Twitter account is live, username is TheStarFraction.
Raziel left, came back (that comeback is gonna be so hard in RP...)

TNP started Project: RAINDANCE. Plot to destroy the universe through rifts in time; sites at:
Sol III (unconstructed as of yet due to UGDF)
Medusa-59 (complete)
Hell's Gate (complete)
Deception Well (50%)
Contran's Star (62%)
The Alderaan Fields (not yet started)
Twilight Cloud (not yet started)
New Eden (not yet started)
Dusk (not yet started)
The Epochs (safe-haven mothernodes for surviving the end) Cassidy, Sundance and Chord are complete. Xevli doesn't know of RAINDANCE yet; I haven't been able to find him to tell him.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Eee cable's dead again. Gonna have to get a new one this time.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Imagination: Take No Prisoners

I had a massive idea that I'd really like to see happen, but undoubtedly never will. A movie based on my Moonbase RP. Maybe two.
The idea:
Space, 3000 AD. TNP in a Halo/Star Trek/Doctor Who combo universe. CS One-Alpha, Director of the company. Plot I haven't figured yet, just going through the setting.
First one title: Take No Prisoners
Tagline: Like Hancock, but with more Red Bull.
Second title: Take No Prisoners 2: All This And Civil War
Tagline: For better or for worse, Alpha is back...
TNP2 plot is like, human interstellar civil war, and TNP still has all the problems with aliens, and the general stuff of being mercs. In addition to the civil war.

Also, Tesla guns! Just thought 'em up. Some inspiration from the Tesla guns mentioned in Philip Reeve's Mortal Engines series, also some from MACs. Basically, a set of rails firing directed, overcharged, lightning. Got a sorta rack of nuclear power cells, can be moved quickly to the ship's reactor for recharge, enabling a maximum of 3 shots a second (1 cell per shot, due to the energy needed for a bolt).

Monday, 15 March 2010

Bloody bandwidth

Gotta cut down for EVE, so that's no MB, and reduced browsing. Bugger.
Still, EVE looks cool, EVE Voice also, so it's gonna be worth it.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

EVE plans

Well, EVE is looking close, so I've been making plans...(Not for Nigel :P)
-Gallente and Caldari primary races
-Getting a headset with mic for EVE Voice
-Possibly running TNP as an escort vessel service
-CS One-Alpha is back!

Dominion is the latest patch, so I went through the Dominion notes on the EVE Wiki...looking good.
I picked Caldari 'cause they have good low-end ships, and the Raven is something to look forward to. Gallente are secondary, because they also have good ships, but overly missile-y for a primary.
Hoping to get into Goonswarm to start with...

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Wubba wubba wubba...

Was at beach, with accompanying shops that sell crap.
Got a 12-inch rubber...thing that is so weird.
It has tentacles, like a caterpillar.
It has a little ball inside with hard-contact-activated LEDs.
It is stretchy and floppy.
I call it a wubba.
Wubba = something that is pointless, squishy, and totally awesome. (Yeah, I just made that up.)
This thing is the ultimate wubba.
Being a wubba, it is addictive. You just want to shake it in someone's face and yell "WUBBA!".

In other news, my EVE PC is looking to be around £200, and Halo-capable also. For EVE character, I'm gonna go Caldari and Gallente for definite. Working on decision for the third.

In other other news, in the Moonbase RP, TNP is no longer contracted to the UGDF. I left a note on their guestbook saying they're dumped.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Snake is spreading

Cobalt Snake on March 10 2010 12:56:55
~! I has infected SpyBattle :D

SpyBattle shall fall to the pwning hordes of the Cobalt Snake! Muhahahahaha!

Webcomic: Least I Could Do

* * * * *
Written by Ryan Sohmer and drawn by Lar deSouza.
LICD follows the life of Rayne Summers, a 20-odd American.
Recommend :)

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Cobalt Snake: In the beginning...

Just before Christmas 2009 (Christmas just gone), I followed an advert to a game called Star Pirates. The name I chose was Cobalt Snake.
At first, I thought the game a little boring; I've never been one for text-based games. But since then, I've come to appreciate the overall fun-ness, and the friendliness and generosity of the SP community. So here's to you, those pirates of the stars. Thank you for the days.
Over the last few weeks, I've introduced new elements to my RP in the Moonbase area: starships. I took the opportunity to pay tribute to some legendary SP players.
The hypercarrier Adelai Niska
The superbattleships Commissar Reese and Commissar Dareg
The hyperbattleships Geoffrey de Lysander, Angua von Uberwald and Avenged Sevenfold.

Review: Avatar

I'm gonna be running some reviews through as I see movies. Not gonna pretend to be a pro, but hey.
So, Avatar. Best watched on the big screen, 'cause of the massive outdoor scenes. If you can't see the edge of the screen, it looks so much bigger. 3D of course is best.
Story as a whole is a little political for my tastes, but in my opinion, Avatar deserves its "Best movie of the decade" title.

The legendary Bawf

A recent addition to my repertoire of silly things to do; point at someone randomly and say "Bawf!".
Enjoy :D

Monday, 8 March 2010


Yesterday on Moonbase was hacker RP.
This is some of mine...
/sendto? H44x0r-Cat-H4x
/sendvirus? d:/viruses/dreadnought.vir
/runprogram H44x0r-Cat-H4x/dreadnought.vir
dreadnought active
dreadnought/fdisk/antivirus format complete
dreadnought/fdisk/c:/ format complete
/dreadnought/print=i has come
/dreadnought/print=to pwn ur pc
[H44x0r-Cat-H4x switched to Mac]
/dreadnought/print=i has come
/dreadnought/print=to pwn u

That was so funny. Looking forward to some more tonight =D

Year of the Snake

2010: the year Cobalt Snake began.
It started with Star Pirates; a level 1 player, looking to have fun.
Then it expanded to SpyBattle, then to the Roleplay Universe of MaidMarian's games.
Soon it will grow further, to Eve Online.
*cue dramatic music*
Year of the Snake: Here's lookin' at ya, universe.