Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Imagine: Take No Prisoners titles

I like to pretend I never made this post.

Remember those movies I was thinking about? The nonexistent ones I'd like to make, but obviously can't?
So I was thinking some more about the concepts...

To the tune of Toyah Wilcox - Thunder In The Mountains
/the air is heavy with the stick of your knees/
James Bond-style shot of Dawn
/I wish for my world of make-believe/
Panning shot of the Invincible Certainity shipboard cyberspace (like Tim Burton's wonderland, except with tech, and more humanoids)
/more of the song/
Dropships and Jagger fighters cruising over clouds
Alpha putting his helmet on (from behind)
TNP troopers locking'n'loading in a dropship bay
/it's a motorway/hah/it's a monument/
A Jagger strafes a crowded highway (futuristic cars), dropping missiles, firing cannons (no railgun shots)
/an explosion/just a spark sets the anger in motion/
A hyperbattleship letting off a broadside (Oncoming Storm), Katanas and Ruhrs in loose formation around it
/every repeat of "thunder and lightning"/
Trailing shot of antimatter missile flying through space (trailing- looking from behind the missile's tail, over the top)
/every repeat of "it's breaking through"/
Antimatter missile blasting past defense modules, streams of tracer just missing, heading towards Earth
/at end of song/
Missile hits Earth, cracking it. Exploding, splintering Earth solidifies into 2D image of Earth with lightning-bolt crack
Over top of this: Take No Prisoners

So...watcha think?

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