Thursday, 29 April 2010

Raindance = FAIL

Blitz scuppered Raindance with the help of 3 wishes. The timeshift missiles now no longer work -.-
But, semi-alliance with UGDF! Publicly fighting, but that's flash clones, holograms, and AIs. Secretly helping each other, etc.

So, I'm gonna be down for May. I reckon I'll use the time to write up some text stories based on the Moonbase RP and Raindance, maybe call it Universe War. Should have 'em up on here after May's done.

Also, gonna get myself Classics Masterpiece Starscream for birthday :)
Speaking on which...happy birthday Star Pirates!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

General updates

Bandwidth is gonna cut me off all through May :(
Oh well.

TSF Twitter account is live, username is TheStarFraction.
Raziel left, came back (that comeback is gonna be so hard in RP...)

TNP started Project: RAINDANCE. Plot to destroy the universe through rifts in time; sites at:
Sol III (unconstructed as of yet due to UGDF)
Medusa-59 (complete)
Hell's Gate (complete)
Deception Well (50%)
Contran's Star (62%)
The Alderaan Fields (not yet started)
Twilight Cloud (not yet started)
New Eden (not yet started)
Dusk (not yet started)
The Epochs (safe-haven mothernodes for surviving the end) Cassidy, Sundance and Chord are complete. Xevli doesn't know of RAINDANCE yet; I haven't been able to find him to tell him.