Thursday, 22 April 2010

General updates

Bandwidth is gonna cut me off all through May :(
Oh well.

TSF Twitter account is live, username is TheStarFraction.
Raziel left, came back (that comeback is gonna be so hard in RP...)

TNP started Project: RAINDANCE. Plot to destroy the universe through rifts in time; sites at:
Sol III (unconstructed as of yet due to UGDF)
Medusa-59 (complete)
Hell's Gate (complete)
Deception Well (50%)
Contran's Star (62%)
The Alderaan Fields (not yet started)
Twilight Cloud (not yet started)
New Eden (not yet started)
Dusk (not yet started)
The Epochs (safe-haven mothernodes for surviving the end) Cassidy, Sundance and Chord are complete. Xevli doesn't know of RAINDANCE yet; I haven't been able to find him to tell him.

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