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UPDATED TO ADD: The Posleen War, and the following disclaimer:
All characters mentioned are FAN-CREATED and NON-OFFICIAL. None of them play story-changing roles in pre-existing universes. This may seem dubious with Nikko-B201 - aren't all Spartans famous? No. The Spartan-III project was top-secret. Also, several hundred S-3s were trained over the course of the war; why do you think they needed A and B infront of their numbers? Thus, B201 can safely be tucked away as one of the many who were never named, but died in UNSC service during the Covenant War. (Except, you know, not dead. Because he was Hans. Look, you know what I mean.)

Sometimes I do keep my promises! =)
2161 [STARCRASH] - Hans Kowalski (later Certain Swift ALPHA, Cobalt Snake, Nikko Jiang-Tibayan, Nikko-B201, Director Alpha) is created in a cloning accident in France.
2162 [STARCRASH] - Certain Swift (an elite strike team) is formed. Hans Kowalski becomes Certain Swift ALPHA.
2188 [STARCRASH] - The Starcrash. A mineral-rich giant asteroid being transported to Earth orbit misses its target and collides with Earth. Certain Swift's experimental starship is caught in the blast and flung into deep space.
2190 [STARCRASH] - The Certain Swift ship is recovered by regenabots near Mars. Swifts ALPHA, DOUBLE, CLOUD, SPOOK, DAGGER and CLOAK are found and revived.
2190-2800 [STARCRASH] - ALPHA takes on the name Cobalt Snake, and captains a starship for a variety of pirate fleets.
2800 [STARCRASH] - Captain Snake leaves human-colonized space for Galactic North.
3026 [STARCRASH] - Snake's superbattleship Invincible Certainity suffers an FTL drive malfunction on a trade run from Tau Ceti to Alpha Centauri. It is presumed lost with all hands, but is actually dropped into the CB-801 continuity (more commonly known as the Time War universe)
3102 [STARCRASH - A TNP Corporation battleship ambushes a superliner carrying the remaining Swifts. The details of this encounter are unknown.
0-200 [personal time] - Operating as Nikko Jiang-Tibayan, Snake travels the multiverse with Invincible Certainity and the AI Unending Dawn.
2500s [HALO] - Under the identity of SPARTAN-III Nikko-B201, Snake participates in the Human-Covenant War.
260-400 [personal time] - Further multiverse-travelling.
YC10 [EVE] - Snake arrives in New Eden, and takes up a career as a capsuleer under the name Nikko Jiang-Tibayan.
490-600 [personal time] - Additional adventures in the multiverse.
2008-onwards [ALD.] - Snake serves as an ACS trooper in the Posleen War. He goes MIA sometime in 2041.
638-800 [personal time] - Yet more multiversal adventuring.
801 [personal time] - Snake begins building up a dimension-hopping mercenary fleet known as TNP Corporation, with himself as Director.
801-4398 [personal time] - TNP Corporation operates across the multiverse.
4399 [personal time] - TNP arrives in MARIAN/MB, a metacontinuity area, and sets up a permanent base in its Post-Covenant Era.
4400 [personal time] - Beginning of the Universe War, TNP vs UGDF, in MARIAN/MB
4401 [personal time] - First TNP hyperbattleship, HB01 Oncoming Storm completes construction at the ESI Berlinger shipyard.
4402 [personal time] - First TNP AI battleship, Xantium, brought online at the Berlinger yard.
Late 4402 [personal time] - The RAINDANCE strike: Time-travelling antimatter shells launched from special facilities in TNP space obliterate 99% of the MARIAN/MB/P-COV universe.
Late 4402 onwards [personal time] The area cleared by RAINDANCE is filled with Earth-normal atmosphere and biomatter. Colonies known as Atmosplanes are constructed, consisting of rocks free-floating in the atmosphere areas (Atmos), connected by man-made structures and covered in plants and cities.
Early 4403 [personal time] - The first RSFD (Replacement Solar Fusion Device, artificial sun) is activated at the UV Ceti Atmosplane.
Late 4403 [personal time] - The AI battleships separate from TNP, forming their own societies known as Fractions. Each Fraction has a specific area of expertise, and work under co-ordination from the Council Fraction. The Fractions continue to fight for TNP when needed.
Early 4404 [personal time] - The UGDF collapses, devastated after the Universe War and suffering from internal confusion and constant attack. TNP enters the Milky Way galaxy (home of the UGDF and the only large non-TNP area to survive RAINDANCE) and begins destroying solar systems to prepare the area for merging with Atmos. Some planets are spared to test the effects of a non-vacuum environment on a planet.
Mid- to late 4404 [personal time] - After a few resurrections, the UGDF moves to a different universe. TNP and the Fraction are the only major military powers remaining, while government of Atmos is given to councils based at each region's Air Traffic Control station. Sub-councils are formed for the major Atmosplanes in each region. The capital is the UV Ceti ATC.
Early 4405 [personal time] - All survivors of RAINDANCE are fully settled. Settlers from other universes begin to arrive to colonize Atmos.
2186 CE [M-FX] TNP Corporation troops, deployed from the 7/Morgan-F and 18/Morgan-F superbattleship wings, link up with Alliance special ops squads to fight the Reapers.
Early 4405 [personal time] - TNP Corporation delegates Atmos government to civilian officials, forming the Core government. Law enforcement duties transfer to Core Enforcement, but border patrols and traffic control remain the responsibility of TNP and the Fractions, respectively.

And that's about it. As more happens I'll add it on, I guess.

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