Want to get in touch with me? Here's a list of various aliases I go by!

Twitter: @JaceErrata
EVE Online: Jace Errata
Halo 2 Vista/Halo Waypoint/Games for Windows LIVE: Nikko B201
World of Tanks: NikkoJT
Minecraft Classic: NikkoJT (check out my Alpha Halo map! Server[Everyone OP] map "nikkojt")
Star Pirates: Cobalt Snake (referral ID 43107)
Spy Battle 2165: Hans Kowalski (referral ID 23631)
HaloSphere 2: Nikko B201
Halo.Bungie.Org: Nikko B201
Steam: NikkoJT NikkoJT
Origin/Mass Effect 3 PC: NikkoJT
Tribes: Ascend: NikkoJT (referral link soon)

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