Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Shortpacked! webcomic (review)

Comic review of doom

Four stars
Humour webcomic by David Willis
Setting: Modern toystore (Shortpacked)
Main cast: Ethan, Mike, Robin, Ultra Car, Amber, Lesley, Galasso, also at TNI

I would give Shortpacked! five stars, but the art is a little rough for my tastes, although it looks good in a recent arc, which I have to say I think is the best arc so far (SG Ravage goes to Botcon).
David Willis, the writer and artist, is a major contributor to the Transformers Wiki at, so the comic often has Transformers-based strips - which is what brought it to my attention originally. Generally a funny comic, even in its more serious moments. I recommend Shortpacked! to anyone with a good sense of humour, and who isn't *too* young - Shortpacked! does have some adult humour. *Points at tagline - "Warning- Small parts. Adult humour. Some Batman jokes. Sorry."

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