Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Counter Strike SP RP Rebrand

I was really sarcastic and stuff back when I wrote this. Well...overly sarcastic. I'm still sarcastic now.

So. I found out that Counter Strike is...well..the name of a game (pun realised but unavoidable). And I can't do that in Star Pirates, or anywhere else really. So, I need some ideas what else to call my RP series. And yeah, I know this blog has *zero* readers, so asking for comments is useless. Maybe I should refer some guys from SP over here. Actually *IDEA*! I'ma do an SP blog..somewhen. Like, WHEN I GET MY NETBOOK BACK. Jeez, how long does it take to figure out a connection timer? Heck, this entry can't go up until that gets fixed. This blog is screwed in the majorly category.
Yeah, I am gonna ask for ideas in the comments. Maybe I'll even get somewhere.
Oh yeah - any readers have no gawdam idea who I am, what Star Pirates is, and what this RP crap is.
I am a guy known as CS One-Alpha, Cobalt Snake, and...uhhh...oh yeah! =D Arnie2.0 is my Xgen account, so say hi if you see me on TWO.
More on the combination of Cobalt Snake and CS One-Alpha later. Different post.
Star Pirates is a free MMO. You can pay for bonuses, also. It is human-based, late 22nd/early 23rd century (2197 last I checked). Massive starships etc. Massive asteroid has rendered Earth uninhabitable...wait. Read all about it HERE --->> My player ID is 43071, in case anyone who's reading this wants to play :sarcasm:
'Cause I get 10% of the value of any payments you make, if you use my referer ID. Which I like.
RP is Role-Playing. The Counter Strike RP is my character's story (yeah, I wrote it.) Go play SP if you wanna know what it says.
So yeah, working on a rename, would appreciate ideas.

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