Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Continuity Check

An early review of CSW/Snakeyverse continuity.

So. In my post about rebranding my Counter Strike SP RP, I said I'd give an explanation of how Cobalt Snake and CS One-Alpha are related.
Here it is.
In the Universe War timeline, CS One-Alpha is the Director of the TNP Corporation, hellbent on taking over a large portion, if not all, of the universe, for reasons unknown. In SP, CS One-Alpha is Cobalt Snake's callsign from before an incident with some officially nonexistent aliens. Before that, he was Director of the TNP Merc Corp. Seeing any similarities yet?
At an unspecified point in the SP timeline, somewhere after 2800, another incident occurred, involving portals and a time machine (the Gizmonic Institute was involved). That dropped Cobalt Snake into the Universe War timeline, along with a superbattleship known as Invincible Certainity, an AI...friend...of his, called Unending Dawn, and a bunch of high-tech weapons and troopers. In an effort to join the higher circles of evil villains/current dramatic society, he started using his old callsign as his name.

Also, I decided what to call my SP blog.
Multiversal tech journal"
Cool, no?

Bonus!: inSYSTEM first article:
----Post-Starcrash 'Verse----
"Evil genius" scientist reported to be testing "multiple heavy weapons" in secret asteroid field facility
According to numerous eyewitness accounts, notorious inventor, Cobalt "there's a gun for that" Snake is testing innovative new weapons systems at an unknown locations in the asteroid belts.
A source, who does not wish to be named, said, "I saw these flashes, like, and suddenly my ship got smacked into, like, by a bunch of stuff that turned out to be dark matter, and some other stuff I, like, dunno about."
An inSYSTEM crew attempted to obtain more details of the weapons, and discovered several names apparently leaked by one of Snake's research assistants.
"Arced Dark-Matter Accelerator" - Presumably the weapon that hit our source.
"Heavy Fusion Autocannon" - Some form of rapid-fire Fusion Blaster?
"Exponential Death Projector" - Possibly a myth; certainly not a plausible weapon.
Technical details are unknown at this time; inSYSTEM has, however, found several anonymous sources of speculation.
"CTSlol5" writes: "I guess the darkmatter acellerator is some kinda railgun, but those arent good for s-t-s [ship-to-ship combat]."
According to "anonyopterix", the fusion autocannon "must be for dealing with fighters, cuz shiptoship 'bat usualy uses continuous beam or pulse weps. Autocannons are too energy-consumptiv t use on such low odds of a hit".
"netmeister": "'Death projector'? Sounds like something out of HG Wells. Unlikely to be real. But the accelerator? That's probably a fairly good weapon. Unlikely though, since dark-matter control is still experimental everywhere I know of."
inSYSTEM will be keeping a sensor active for further information.

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