Thursday, 29 July 2010

Heavy Metal War

Some stuff about MB and stuff. You can ignore it if you like.

So. Alliance with Blitz is...flaky >.>
Intentionally flaky.
TNP now has 4 General MacArthur-class monitors out there. Each of these carries 4 Phased Projectile Accelerators. This is like a reaaally big MAC, except it makes with the firing of things close to the speed of time. Real close. They've got little thrusters, so they can actually time travel. It works like this:
Target is shielded. PPA shot can't penetrate the shield. BUT, it timeshifts. It goes back or forward in time to a point when the shield was/will be down. It moves inside the shield radius. It comes back to the present, then carries on to blow the hell out of the target. Does all this in a few seconds of course.

Then there's my imagination. Was messing around w/ virtual machines, did some doodling while waiting for an install. Drew up plans for a computer game, called it Steel Rain: Multiple Heavy Weapon. It's actually a heavy artillery simulator. More on that later.

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