Wednesday, 4 August 2010

SP Comic

Posted quickly from a public PC to host a comic for a competition in SP.

First panel: [Lower Belt Station]
Second panel: [PEA battleship Deadly Razor-Edge]
Cobalt: Damn security. Three times in one day they've jumped us.
Dawn: 'Nother reason not to be trading stolen AI upgrades.
Third panel: *Exterior view of Razor-Edge docked*
Cobalt: But we need the money.
Dawn: *Sigh*
Fourth panel: *Shuttle flying away from Mars Security battleship*
Dawn: (Voiceover) Maybe I can find a way to get them off us..
Cobalt: (In shuttle) Heh heh heh.
Fifth panel: *Bridge of Mars Security battleship*
Martian captain: Them again? Helm, intercept course!
Sixth panel: *Large explosion*

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