Monday, 7 March 2011

Halo there, how may I ruthlessly destroy you today?

Sgt. Johnson's three R's.

Long time no blog. Maybe I'll work on that sometime.
Halo 2 PC, EVE Online, Medal of Honour Allied Assault, Medal of Honour Pacific Assault, Age of Empires III...
I don't know why I put those periods there, there's nothing else.
Halo 2 PC: +1 Bungie, +1. I mean this game is ~6 years old and it's awesome. I love it. Everything it's cracked up to be. *Insert rave review here*
EVE Online: Further awesome. Pretty great community, and it plays well. Of course I, being lazy, have picked mining as the way to go. =)
MOHAA/MOHPA: Pretty cool. Not on the level of Halo 2 though.
AoE III: ~Meh. The campaign's OK, but ~meh anyway. Eventually I'll get round to a LAN multiplayer; that should be better.

Got that out of the way quicker than expected. Hmmmm.
Oh yeah.
Testament to Halo 2's awesomeness: I was playing around on the multiplayer map Foundation, getting ready for when we upgrade one of our PCs from WinXP and enable a LAN multiplayer of Halo, and my sister walked past behind the screen. Immersed in the game, I tried to aim the rocket launcher I was carrying at the movement. The crosshair of course remained fixed in the centre of the screen, and I realised how dumb I was being.

Also, having a cold sucks.

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