Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Imagination: Take No Prisoners

I had a massive idea that I'd really like to see happen, but undoubtedly never will. A movie based on my Moonbase RP. Maybe two.
The idea:
Space, 3000 AD. TNP in a Halo/Star Trek/Doctor Who combo universe. CS One-Alpha, Director of the company. Plot I haven't figured yet, just going through the setting.
First one title: Take No Prisoners
Tagline: Like Hancock, but with more Red Bull.
Second title: Take No Prisoners 2: All This And Civil War
Tagline: For better or for worse, Alpha is back...
TNP2 plot is like, human interstellar civil war, and TNP still has all the problems with aliens, and the general stuff of being mercs. In addition to the civil war.

Also, Tesla guns! Just thought 'em up. Some inspiration from the Tesla guns mentioned in Philip Reeve's Mortal Engines series, also some from MACs. Basically, a set of rails firing directed, overcharged, lightning. Got a sorta rack of nuclear power cells, can be moved quickly to the ship's reactor for recharge, enabling a maximum of 3 shots a second (1 cell per shot, due to the energy needed for a bolt).

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