Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Okay, here's the plan...

The Overlord will act as a retard magnet, drawing out the Protoss horde...

UPDATE: The in-game chat channel is Dread Intrusion. Tentative start date for infiltration is the 30th of June.

"Finally!", I hear you say. "Some EVE Online stuff!"
Well, in response to that, I say...
..Yes. Yes it is.
And if I get it right, AWESOME EVE Online stuff.


Goonswarm Federation has grown rich. Powerful. Arrogant. Complacent (hopefully). Those last two are the important bits. I think it's time the rest of us gave their security a poke. Capsuleers, I present:

Operation: Dread Intrusion
The Plan:
A ragtag fleet of capsuleer ships, equipped with cloaking devices, jammers, and cynosural field generators, will infiltrate to the heart of GSF space: VFK-IV, in Deklein.

On the way, cyno frigates trailing the advance guard will deploy at regular intervals, allowing a capital or supercapital fleet owned by a competing alliance to keep pace with the fleet.

Having arrived in VFK-IV, the advance guard will form a jammer-wall to defend the main cyno ships, likely cruisers or battlecruisers for tanking ability. These will allow the capital fleet's vanguard and additional cyno ships to jump in.

First, however, a takedown of any cynosural jamming fields present must be effected. This must be carried out by ships infiltrated individually: a simple brute-force attack would likely be unsuccessful- and would also defeat the purpose of the objective. Stealth bombers or heavy gunships may need to be deployed for this stage. Again, a jammer-wall will also probably be needed, to lessen the effect of any defensive actions.

Once the capital fleet is in VFK-IV, the fleet may either assist the capital fleet, or run for home, depending on individual preference.

Fleet notes:
Cheap, but effective, fittings are encouraged. Many ships will probably be lost: numbers and replacement ability are vital.

The infiltration stage will be slow, likely taking place over a few days. Cloaked ships should make their individual ways to rally points, trying to avoid taking the same route as too many others simultaneously. While Goonswarm cannot be prevented from learning of the operation, a certain element of uncertainty regarding exact timing and deployment routes could be the key to success.

During infiltration, some attempt should be made to bring refit-capable ships along. While they are expensive, their presence would make bringing combat ships easier: a cloaked travel fitting could be exchanged for a pure combat fitting, removing any need for an awkward hybrid.

While nullsec pilots are welcome, and perhaps needed for some roles such as, you know, understanding sovereignty and cyno warfare, the advance guard is intended to be composed mainly of highsec pilots. After all, it's no fun if everyone's a leet peeveepee-er.

Should additional fleets need to be formed, care should be taken to ensure friendly fire does not occur. Every ship counts...seem to recall that being one of GSF's own recruiting strategies some time ago. Heh.

The original fleet's flagship will be the Punisher Zero Point when I'm in it, and whatever the hell the FC is flying when I'm not. The flagship serves no real purpose, but any fleet should have a flagship, really. (The flagship pilot and the FC are not the same person when I'm flying the Zero Point.)

People flying rookie ships, shuttles, Noctises, Primae, or mining barges should not be allowed to join the fleet. I mean come on. (Orcas are allowed for their fitting and ship-carrying capabilities, and industrials for their logistical and [admittedly limited] combat abilities.)

Priority should be given to ECM ships at all times, and DPS ships during any siege combat that occurs. Slots should also be reserved for allied capital pilots during cyno operation: the cyno ship and the jumping ship need to be in the same fleet.

The catch:
Every plan, of course, has one major hitch. This one's is very major: I do not currently have an alliance backing the fleet to provide a capital fleet. Following some enquiries, the only potential backer I have been informed of is IRC, and the method of contact for them I've been given does not say good things about them. So, alliance leaders with capitals or supercapitals: please get in touch! There's no monetary reward or anything (I'm skint), but I'm mostly looking for people who want to shoot at Goonswarm, not mercenaries.

A note:
Forum and comment trolls! A word.
I am aware this a silly plan, and that it is unlikely to succeed. But there's only one way to find out if it works, and that way is to try it. So please, lay off the trolling. Maybe join in.

Oh, and there's no time or date set for this thing yet. Attendance-based, I guess; no point setting a deadline that nobody will show up for because it turns out that nobody cares after all.

Credit to Birgir Pall for the title/tagline quote. I don't know where he got it from.


  1. Have you ever seen how many people the CFC can put on the field in short notice? I'd say at least 300 maybe 400. At the very least in the first few minutes probably 150.

    I don't think you can bring enough jamming ships to stop that kind of a response. And they will bring maelstroms so that they'll one shot most of your ships. And as time goes by the numbers will swell.

    Good luck with this, but you'd need a bit more than some stealth bombers and a "jamming wall".

  2. No it's a very good idea guy.

    Go go make it

  3. Great plan! I cant wait to fill my KB! lolll


  4. Contact The Mintani. Really, I bet he would offline the cyno jammers and clear a path for you guys to try this.

  5. I'll just leave this here:

  6. Come at me bro !
    Can't wait for it, it will be fucking great !

  7. You're totally retarded if you think we (goons) would online the cyno jammer and prevent anyone from jumping his caps/supercaps right into vfk. Quite the opposite actually.

    Please do your plan, sounds like a lot of fun.

  8. This is going to end up like this -->'s_Crusade

    You'll have a Titan bridge your pubbie fleet into a Goon Tengufleet and get slaughtered or something. Please bring you faction ratting ships so I can make some money thanks.

  9. Go for it! EVE is about creating your own game content, and this sounds like fun for everyone.

  10. This'll be fun.


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