Saturday, 30 June 2012

Groundwork Part 5


Today brings us to the final part of the Groundwork series, featuring the Pyro!

The Quantum Soul-Eater
Best vacuum cleaner ever. Of all time.
- M-sink Regulator
- Pyro's primary
- Set: The Tactical Destruction Kit
- Sucks in enemies from up to 3m away, doing minor damage, at a low ammo cost
- Special: Unleash a blast of radiation, doing high damage, but at a higher ammo cost
- Speed penalty
- Chance to explode and kill you when ammo is depleted
- Cannot replenish ammo until original reserve is depleted (exception: The Futuristic Friend's Ubercharge bonus)
- Ammo can only be replenished from cabinets and the Futuristic Friend
- Radiation blast causes a medium-rate D.o.T. effect on enemies hit until they die
- Based on the Fraction AI Issue Controlled Singularity Weapon

The Hand Cannon
Blow them away.
- Scaled-Down Artillery Piece
- Pyro's secondary
- Set: The Tactical Destruction Kit
- Shots pierce one enemy, and explode on hitting a second enemy or wall
- Shot explosions briefly stun nearby enemies, and also set them on fire for reduced damage and duration
- Each shot briefly stuns the user
- Low RoF
- Low ammo count
- High damage from direct hits
- Each shot does 1-5 damage to the user
- Very accurate
- Based on the Fraction AI Issue Terminal Velocity Kinetic/Antimatter Pistol

The Marauder's Manslaughterer
A brutal weapon from a more civilized time.
- Golem Custom Sword
- Pyro's melee
- Set: The Tactical Destruction Kit
- High damage
- Slow swing
- Mini-crit on target when resetting from swing
- Damages user on miss
- Switching to this weapon is slow
- Speed bonus for every kill under five seconds from the last (stacks until death)
- High critical chance on self-damage due to miss
- Based on Troop Commander Arkady's custom sword

The Implacable Stare
Keeps the flames out. Keeps the monster in.
- Power Helmet
- Pyro's hat
- Set: The Tactical Destruction Kit
- Small HP boost
- Highlights fire up to 15m away
- Headshots on wearer with any weapon that can make them (i.e. not flamethrowers or the Cow Mangler) do increased damage
- Based on the Core Safeguard Fire Prevention helmet

The Tactical Destruction Kit set bonus: +10 HP, Quantum Soul-Eater range increased by 0.75m, Implacable Stare range increased to 17m

Explanation of Marauder's Manslaughterer stacking
Say you get 2 kills in 5 seconds. This gives you a 5% speed boost until you die. If you got 3 kills, it would be a 7% boost.
If you then survive another 10 seconds, then get another 2 kills in 5 seconds, this counts as if you had got 3 kills in the first 5 seconds, and so on.

So, that's this series done. Please feel free to comment with criticism, praise, and balancing changes! I aim to seriously try to find a builder for this at some point, so do try to be constructive :)

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