Friday, 29 June 2012

Groundwork Part 4

Now, let's go practice medicine writing lists.

Part Four of the Groundwork series features the Medic and the Heavy sets!

The Double Rainbow
They should have sent a poet. A poet wearing lots of armour.
- Heavy's primary
- Set: The Oncoming Storm
- Slower-firing than other miniguns
- Twin-barreled energy weapon, not Gatling gun
- Shots do minor splash damage
- High direct damage
- If not fired for 10 seconds, begins to recharge slowly (unless ammo has been completely depleted)
- Can only pick up ammo from boxes and cabinets (and requires a slow manual reload or complete ammo depletion to do so)
- Special: Expend 50% of total ammo to fire a 3-second high-damage beam
- Based on the KA-1066B Cyclone APW

The Troop Commander's Terminator
Big gun. Shoot good.
- Customized Combat Shotgun
- Heavy's secondary
- Set: The Oncoming Storm
- Fires both barrels in quick succession with one trigger pull
- Two trigger pulls per clip
- High damage
- Locks aim once the trigger is pulled (until the second barrel has been fired)
- Slight knockback on user when fired
- Some muzzle climb between barrels
- Based on Troop Commander Arkady's customized KA-3056 Urban Variant combat shotgun

The Double Tap
Go get 'em, tiger.
- Gauntleted Robot Hands
- Heavy's melee
- Set: The Oncoming Storm
- One-two punch
- Knockback on user and target
- Minor 5-second D.o.T.
- If two separate targets are hit (one with each punch), the second target is pulled in for a bear hug (unless they died, obviously), dealing high damage.
- Based on the Fraction Golem "Valiant" armour gauntlets

The War Face
Enhanced carnage, and a snazzy new look too.
- Power Helmet
- Heavy's hat
- Set: The Oncoming Storm
- Weapons have an increased critical chance
- Enemies killed by a critical explode
- Lower and upper field of view obscured by helmet
- Based on the Fraction Golem "Valiant" armour helmet with UA/ES upgrade

The Oncoming Storm set bonus: +20 HP, critical explosion effect extended to teammates, +5% speed

The Last Aid Kit
Much like balloons, people suffer reduced functionality when upgraded with enhanced ventilation.
- Modified Surgical Stapler
- Medic's primary
- Set: The High-Tech Hospital
- Slower-firing than Syringe Gun
- Heavy projectiles can go through one enemy to hit another for reduced damage
- Faster projectiles and more damage than Syringe Gun
- Heavier and less ammo than Syringe Gun
- Loud
- Heals you for increased HP, but with an increased gap between increments
- Based on a standard heavy stapler for repairing Golem, modified to fire large spikes similar to the Bolt Action.

The Futuristic Friend
A helping hand.
- Field Repair Drone
- Medic's secondary (always active)
- Set: The High-Tech Hospital
- Splits the healing between up to 3 people within 5m (prioritizes based on health)
- Each extra target reduces the healing rate for all targets
- Builds Ubercharge fairly fast
- Ubercharge can be activated by using secondary fire on a target (regardless of equipped weapon)
- Replenishes 10% of Ubercharge target's max ammo when Ubercharge is activated
- Goes offline for 10 seconds if it sustains sufficient damage
- Based on a generic field repair drone

The Dual Dissecters
Two scalpels are better than one.
- Dual Integrated Extension Monoblades
- Medic's melee
- Set: The High-Tech Hospital
- Forearm-mounted extension monoblades
- Each kill with these increases your damage by 5% of base for 10 seconds (timer resets with each kill, stacks)
- Audible 3-second unpacking animation when switching to this weapon
- Guaranteed critical on first hit on each target per life
- Max HP reduced
- Speed reduced while this weapon is active

The High-Tech Hospital set bonus: +10 HP, the Futuristic Friend has extra HP and can also heal you without healing rate penalty to its other targets, but at 1/4 rate for you. (Target 1: 50%, Target 2: 50%, You: 25%)

Tomorrow: the Pyro! In celebration of Pyromania, the Pyro's kit includes a Fraction AI Issue weapon.

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