Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Groundwork Part 1

And these are my weapons.

It may come as a surprise to you that I play TF2. (note: it shouldn't. I've mentioned it enough times.)
As a result of this, I've been playing with ideas for converting Snakeyverse weapons for submission to the Steam Workshop. The issue with this is that I'm not good enough with 3D modelling to do this. So I've created this post: a list of characteristics for the weapons I think are suitable for use in TF2, that someone better at stuff than me can use to build them. (If that someone is you, dear reader, shoot me a message somewhere and I'll get you some sketches.)

Now, on to the list!

Non-set weapons/items
The Standard Issue
A powerful selective-fire rifle. So simple, a Heavy can use it.
- Battle Rifle
- Can be used by any class
- Slow-firing automatic (roughly once every 0.75 seconds)
- Special: selective-fire (semi-automatic or fully-automatic)
- Based on the Aucken T-22c Quick Switch (there is a concept for the standard T-22 on the other side of the Sketches link)

The Beat Down
An armoured glove, with some nasty spikes on it.
- Power Gauntlet
- Heavy's melee weapon
- Reduces incoming damage by 3%
- Guaranteed critical hit if used from behind
- Based on the Fraction Golem standard combat gauntlet

Set weapons/items
The Burn Out Junkionizer (Fixed name)
A heavy pulse laser. Mind your fingers.
- Pulse Laser Cannon
- Soldier's primary weapon
- Set: The Hard Landing
- Very heavy
- Very powerful
- One shot per charge
- Shoots through walls
- Slow charging
- Special: sacrifice an additional charge period to fire a 3-pulse burst
- Based on a salvaged 1TW starship point defence laser

The Rough And Ready
Simple and effective, but rushed into production.
- Combat Shotgun
- Soldier's secondary weapon
- Set: The Hard Landing
- Medium weight
- Tight spread
- Can shoot through multiple enemies
- Reflects 5% of incoming melee damage.
- High upwards recoil
- 5% chance for a round to fire a blank
- Can't be reloaded mid-clip
- Based on the alternate universe shotgun from the Brute Force Invasion Edition

The Orbital Strike
Hole in one.
- Rocket Hammer
- Soldier's melee weapon
- Set: The Hard Landing
- Short charge time
- High damage
- Knocks back the owner when used
- Minor chance to set anything hit with it (or the owner) on fire when used
- Based on a modified sledgehammer once used by Director Alpha

The Bone Dome
Protects and informs...though whether that information means anything is up for debate.
- Power Helmet
- Soldier's hat
- Set: The Hard Landing
- Decent HP bonus
- Adds a cracked visor effect, which can obscure vision
- Small increase to critical chance of your weapons
- Based on the TNP Corporation standard issue helmet

The Hard Landing set bonus: +5% speed, +5% HP, +5% reduction in fire or other DoT timer

The Dirty Trick
Pants-rippingly deadly.
- Gas-pulse Shotgun
- Scout's primary
- Set: The Recon Pack
- Decent DoT effect
- Slow reload
- DoT effect slows enemy
- Low critical chance
- Special: Throw gas tank as a grenade (grenade acts as an AoE version of a normal shot) - uses up an entire magazine
- Based on a gas-pulse carbine with a modified stock

The Automag
An automatic pistol. Avoids disappointment by not being named after a bird of prey.
- Heavy Sidearm
- Scout's secondary
- Set: The Recon Pack
- Slow-firing automatic (roughly once every 0.75 seconds)
- High damage per shot
- Not terribly accurate
- Slower weapon switch animation than other Scout secondary pistols
- Based on the Strike Fraction "Automag" CQC Sidearm

The Feedback Loop
Line, dot, electric shock!
- Energized Stunner
- Scout's melee
- Set: The Recon Pack
- Short electrified club
- Briefly stuns enemies hit
- Reduced-effect pulse extends forward when used (increases range [at a cost] if nothing is hit directly)
- Small speed penalty when active (don't want to trip...)
- Guaranteed critical to enemies in water or Jarate'd
- Self-critical if you're Jarate'd
- Based on the Core Enforcement Non-Lethal Suppressor

The Bare-Bones
A stripped-down Bone Dome.
- Tactical Headset
- Scout's hat
- Set: The Recon Pack
- Displays an alert when a Sniper has you in his scope
- Highlights enemies behind walls (max range ~5m)
- Chance to drop the headset and have to get a new one from an ammo box or supply cabinet
- Based on the visor and comm gear at the heart of the TNP standard issue helmet

The Recon Pack set bonus: +5% speed, the Bare-Bones shares the highlighting data with teammates within 10m

Okay, this is all I got for tonight. Part 2 tomorrow!

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