Thursday, 28 June 2012

Groundwork Part 2



The Serious Business
Caution: recoil may liquify every bone in your gun shoulder.
- Anti-Tank Rifle
- Sniper's primary
- Set: The Critical Hit
- Very heavy
- Reduced turning speed while scoped
- Magazine fed
- Explosive rounds
- Recoil descopes, knocks back, and briefly stuns
- Based on the KA-303 Amigo ATR

The Fallback Plan
A quick brutal weapon for quick brutal fights.
- Compact Carbine
- Sniper's secondary
- Set: The Critical Hit
- Fires 5-round bursts
- Quiet
- Medium-high damage
- Small magazine
- High muzzle climb
- Based on the Core Enforcement PPT Carbine

The Vorpal Euphemism
Don't test it on your thumb.
- Combat Monoblade
- Sniper's melee
- Set: The Critical Hit
- High critical chance
- High critical damage
- Small self-critical chance
- Slow swing
- Chance to do 10 damage to yourself when sheathing the weapon
- Based on the Strike Fraction Close Quarters Hostility Neutralizer

The Stranger's Lookout
Nobody knows how it works, but somehow it has eyes in the back of its head.
- Power Helmet
- Sniper's hat
- Set: The Critical Hit
- Small HP boost
- Adds a flickering motion tracker to the HUD when scoped (does not differentiate between teammates and enemies)

The Critical Hit set bonus: +10 HP, +turning speed when scoped (not quite enough to fully compensate for the Serious Business), Vorpal Euphemism sheathing damage reduced to 5, Spies disguised as you are hightlighted.

The Shell Shock
This'll teach those dirty Spies a lesson they might live to remember.
- Automatic Shotgun
- Engineer's primary
- Set: The Instant Fortress
- Slow-firing automatic (once every ~0.75 seconds)
- Hits target enemies for your sentry for 10 seconds or until they die (even if they disguise, cloak, or move out of normal targeting range - the sentry won't shoot if they go behind cover though)
- High muzzle climb
- Low damage
- Based on the KA-1331F Flyby Shotgun with a modified stock

The Crash Stop
Scouts ain't gettin' past me.
- Heavy Pistol
- Engineer's secondary
- Set: The Instant Fortress
- Explosive rounds
- Slow fire rate
- Small magazine
- Can stop any moving enemy with a direct hit (includes scouts on Bonk!)
- Based on KA-1002A "Quarterback" Anti-Armour Pistol

The Exchange Program
Rumours of the previous owner's demise have not been exaggerated.
- Salvaged Robot Arm
- Engineer's melee
- Set: The Instant Fortress
- Decent melee damage
- Buildings have slow HP regen
- Buildings cost less metal
- Repair, reload, and build speed strikes have a chance to fail
- Weapon aim may jump to the right occasionally
- Dispensers recharge faster
- Special: create a static hard-light shield that lasts for 30 seconds or until it loses 350 HP
- Based on the Fraction Golem "Glyph" Armour Gauntlet

The Situational Awareness
Synergize with your tools.
- Power Helmet
- Engineer's hat
- Set: The Instant Fortress
- Small HP boost
- Highlights enemies doing damage to your buildings (has a small chance to accidentally highlight a teammate using or repairing the building)

The Instant Fortress set bonus: teammates within 10m can see the Situational Awareness' highlights, +5% building HP

Tomorrow, Part 3! This is planned to include the Demoman and Spy.

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