Thursday, 28 June 2012

Groundwork Part 3


And so began...Part 3. *DUN DUN DUNNNNN*

The Bolt Action
Pin them down...literally.
- Spike Gun
- Spy's primary
- Set: The Black Ops Pack
- High knockback on target
- Slight delay between firing and projectiles hitting
- D.o.T.
- Small clip
- Quiet
- Low critical chance
- Not very accurate
- Based on the Fraction Bolt Gun "Side 2" variant

The Slow And Steady
More haste, less speed.
- Translation Mirror Coating
- Spy's cloak
- Set: The Black Ops Pack
- Can be run indefinitely
- Movement causes a very noticeable pixelated distortion effect (the faster you move, the greater the distortion)
- Low health causes a lesser distortion effect, down to cloak inoperability at very low health
- Teammates cannot tell if you're one of theirs while you're cloaked
- Teammates shooting you disrupts the cloak temporarily
- Based on the Black Light UV-Reflection Paneling upgrade for powered armour

The Playwright's Surprise
Not to be confused with the Playwright's Clever Trick For Allowing On-Stage Stabbings.
- Extension Monoblade
- Spy's melee
- Set: The Black Ops Pack
- Guaranteed minicritical if used within 3 seconds of switching to it
- Audible unpacking animation during these 3 seconds
- Backstabs have a longer scripted animation
- Backstabs do not break cloak (they do cause a distortion effect when using the Slow And Steady)
- Based on a standard extension monoblade frequently used by Golem troopers

The Counter Intelligence
Tips you off to competitors on your turf.
- Power Helmet
- Spy's hat
- Set: The Black Ops Pack
- Small HP boost
- Highlights cloaked enemy Spies (but not disguised) within 15m
- Teleporters and Sappers within 5m disrupt this effect
- Based on the Fraction Golem "Scourge" armour helmet with Covert Lux upgrade

The Black Ops Pack set bonus: decreased cloak distortion from movement, +5 HP, Counter Intelligence range upgraded to 16/4.

The Mojave Mauler
Don't get too close to your targets after hitting them with this. They might bite.
- Grenade Launcher
- Demoman's primary
- Set: The Extraterrestrial Explosion
- Spherical explosions that suck enemies towards them from up to 4m away
- Causes reduced movement speed, green-tinged vision, and low D.o.T. to enemies within 1m of an explosion (up to 3 seconds after the explosion) for 10 seconds or until they die.
- Also does this to you if you get too close, obviously
- Grenades don't go as far, and can detonate in midair if the timer runs out before they land
- Less ammo than other grenade launchers
- Based on the KA-2552MA Freefall Projectile Launcher, modified to take Field Antimatter Explosives

The Salvager's Standby
What was that?
- Starship Armour
- Demoman's secondary (active all the time due to being a shield)
- Set: The Extraterrestrial Explosion
- Medium heavy
- Prevents catching on fire from in front (does not block direct damage or fire from behind)
- +25 HP
- When fire is used from the front, you gain movement speed for every second the fire hits you (1 second: +2% for 5 seconds. 2 seconds: +4% for 6 seconds. etc.)
- Incoming hits from behind do increased damage with an increased chance to minicrit
- Based on the outer s-con and augmented alloy layers of advanced military starship armour.

The Iron Hope
They're gonna be gluing you back hell!
- Energized Large Extension Monoblade
- Demoman's melee
- Set: The Extraterrestrial Explosion
- Does minor damage to and briefly stuns enemies within 1m of the direct victim
- Chance to do the same to you when you swing it
- Criticals cause small explosions
- Audible 3-second unpacking animation when switching to this weapon
- Special: Lightning strikes the point you aimed at (even if underground or under cover) doing decent direct damage and minor damage 1m around it, with a brief stun effect
- Based on a large extension monoblade frequently used by Golem troopers, modified to direct current from a Tesla autocannon power cell through the blade

The Piper's Ghost
Whoever this belonged to now wears an eyepatch much like your own.
- Damaged Power Helmet
- Demoman's hat
- Set: The Extraterrestrial Explosion
- Small HP boost
- Grenades can do criticals (if they already can, then this makes them have increased crit chance and damage)
- Part-melted visor effect on the left side of your screen
- Based on a damaged Fraction Golem "Perseus" armour helmet

The Extraterrestrial Explosion set bonus: the entire team's explosions have a bigger area of effect, +5% personal speed.

Groundwork Part 4 will feature the Medic and Heavy, and should come out tomorrow!

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