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Atmos: how it works

All the stuff nobody wants to know about that thing nobody cares about.

Bored, figured I'd write something.

Atmos is the result of the event that ended the Universe War: the successful activation of Project RAINDANCE. RAINDANCE launched millions of time-shifted antimatter warheads into space, completely obliterating 99% of observed matter in the universe. The Milky Way was the only stellar feature known to survive the activation, though special deep-space facilities operated by TNP Corporation, known as motherlodes, were specially designed to weather the storm.

Following RAINDANCE's activation, the next stage of the "grand strategy" began: Project CLARITY, filling the cleared area with a Terran-standard oxygen atmosphere. Though this project will likely never be complete due to the size of the universe, sufficient atmosphere has been introduced to allow the start of the third stage: Projects MACROCOSM, OUTLINK, and ENDEMIC.

Project MACROCOSM is the fertilization of Atmos: starships deploy organic matter, water, rocks, and various adapted life-forms into Atmos, to create an ecosystem perfectly balanced for survival in zero-gravity atmosphere.

Project OUTLINK is the first-level colonization of Atmos: mobile stations, known as Outlink stations, ride the edge of Atmos, massive fusion engines keeping them at the forefront of the expansion. Along the way, they drop communication relays, refueling synthesizers, and sensor beacons, lighting the way into the dark.The first such station to be built was Outlink Midnight City. This station is currently 1,250 light-years from UV Ceti, the heart of Atmos.

Project ENDEMIC is the second-level colonization of Atmos: permanent settlements, known as Atmosplanes, are constructed throughout Atmos. These settlements consist of asteroids and structures forming a disk of objects approximately 200 AU across. At the centre of each Atmosplane lies a Replacement Solar Fusion Device, an artificial sun, with a shield orbiting it to simulate daylight.

As Atmos expands into the Milky Way, the fourth stage begins: Project SYNERGY, the assimilation of existing planets and objects into Atmos. This works in several different ways, depending on the local population:

1. Contigency: Acceptance. The planet in question is given an artificial gravity field and orbital shielding, and integrated into Atmos. The local sun is extinguished and replaced with an RSFD. An Atmosplane is constructed around the solar system.

2. Contingency: Non-acceptance. The accepting minority is evacuated, and the planet is subdued by an AI battleship or TNP battle group.
3. Contingency: Resistance. A RAINDANCE shell is launched at the planet. Any debris is integrated into the Atmosplane.

Integrated planets and civilizations are permitted self-governance and limited territory, but are required to abide by certain rules outside of that territory. These rules include basic flight safety rules, and a number of peace-keeping rules. They are typically enforced by Fraction interceptor drones or patrol frigates deployed by the "landlord" of Atmos, the Core Governance.

The Governance is a corporate-democratic government set up by TNP Corporation to handle civil and law-enforcement affairs. It has no true military, relying instead on a well-trained police force, Core Enforcment, to prevent uprising at the roots. Should a military emergency actually arise, the Governance can call on the resources of TNP Corporation or the Strike Fraction to defend it.

The Core administrative structure is as follows:

Administrator: head of state. Currently Jarl Kimaya.
Core councillors: the executive power of the Governance. One councillor represents each Administrate (Enforcment, Customs, etc.)
Region administrators: regional leaders. One represents each region of Atmos.
Region councillors: regional equivalents of the core councillors. Each region's council is headquartered in the first Atmosplane established in that region.
Atmosplane administrators: the bottom level leaders. One for each atmosplane.
Atmosplane councillors: again, local equivalents of region councillors.

Whew! Long post. Sorry to bore y'all with more Snakeyverse stuff, but I wrote this then the forum I was writing it for fell over, and I wanted to get it down somewhere. Besides, I try to be optimistic; it is possible that someone reading this is interested :P

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