Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Brute Force: edition list & details

Yay! More lists! Everyone loves lists...right?

Most games these days have multiple editions. Limited Edition, Collector's Edition, etc.. I figured I might as well make sure Brute Force accounts for that too. Here's some details.

Standard Issue edition
The basics: fairly generic box art, game disc, Making Of documentary.

Special Ops edition
"Fast, quiet, deadly, and hard to kill: Golem are among the best commandos in active service. Join the ranks of the most elite covert operators in existence with this special edition of Brute Force: Golem Assault Trooper."

- Game disc
- Making Of documentary
- Complete OST
- Free unlock of the Longstop multiplayer weapon (silenced, accurate, lightweight, sniper rifle)
- Free unlock of the Black Light multiplayer upgrade (visual and thermal camouflage)
- Free unlock of the Recon VI multiplayer armour set
- Special box art: Two Golem riding an APC through a warzone. One of the Golem, standing, resembles Shepard on the Mass Effect 3 box art. (Deliberate reference to N7 special ops - the Golem's armour is designed to look like Shepard's default armour.)
- Trooper Raykee statuette

Invasion edition
"In one timeline, things went wrong. Hundreds of burning ships litter the skies over Jetstone, itself now a scorched wasteland. Learn from their mistakes, and benefit from knowledge gained in the heat of battle, with this special edition of Brute Force: Golem Assault Trooper."

- Game disc
- Making Of documentary
- Complete OST
- Free unlock of the Counterpoint multiplayer weapon (heavy CQC shredder-gun)
- Free unlock of the Deployable Deflection Plating multiplayer upgrade (additional upper body armour)
- Free unlock of the Class 42B multiplayer armour set
- Special box art: A Hammer Golem helmet sits on the edge of a destroyed roof. The AI battleship Jack of Diamonds falls from orbit in the background, shedding armour pieces and superstructure.
- Trooper Kall statuette

Mythic edition
"The full might of the Strike Fraction is behind you, Trooper. The best equipment in the arsenals of the AI battleships is being deployed to the front-lines. Use it well."

- Game disc
- Making Of documentary
- Complete OST (with Golem March vocals version - this is also available separately)
- Free unlocks for multiplayer (as in other editions)
- Free unlock of the KA-5533 Durender multiplayer weapon (short-range but powerful assault rifle)
- Free unlock of the Aerial Maneuvering Upgrade multiplayer upgrade (jetpack)
- Free unlock of the Hammer multiplayer armour set
- Special box art: Comes in a sleek blue-silver metal case with an embossed Strike Fraction insignia and a well-integrated fancy catch of some kind.
- Trooper Raykee statuette
- Trooper Kall statuette
- TC Arkady statuette
- Trooper Erlin-I statuette
- Hammer Golem statuette
- Director Alpha statuette
- Scenery base for the statuettes

Phew. Enough special features? :P
- ScFA Eight Track mini replica

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