Saturday, 12 May 2012

The Haul


Today was my birthday! Yay. It was kinda...well...underwhelming. Mostly because fuck all happened really, but also because the presents (while I am grateful for them) were, um, underwhelming.

- The Cake Is A Lie t-shirt: The people who get this will be the same people who know it's a five-year-old meme that's not funny any more.
- Halo CEA soundtrack: The same one I got for Christmas. Fucking idiots. Getting the Halo 2 soundtrack to replace it though, so not all bad.
- Chocolate: Eh. It's okay. Liked the hazelnut blob things. The chocolate bar was cherry though :(
- M-77 Paladin I: Okay, technically not a present, but a nice coincidence. (FYI it's a fucking awesome gun with AP + ebar)

And that was that.
Coincidentally I played through the Portal 2 chapter "The Surprise" this evening. I have a funny suspicion Chell had only slightly less disappointment with her Surprise. At least she was probably expecting it to be underwhelming.

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