Friday, 24 February 2012

A couple of questions

Dear CCP Diagoras...

So, CCP Diagoras posts EVE Online stats on Twitter. He asked the Tweetfleet for some requests.
Naturally, I'm stepping up to the challenge writing a blog full of mostly-irrelevant questions for him to answer.

Surprisingly, that this blog.

1. How many shots fired by Republic Fleet Firetails armed with railguns in 2011? ANSWERED: Final blows scored by hybrid-fitted Firetails in 2011: 1. (Shots fired is not a stat that's available.)

2. How many Titan kills with a Caldari Navy Raven on the killmail? Good question.

3. How many PvP kills in Uitra on the 6th of February 2011? 7.

4. How many final blows dealt by Civilian (Rookie Ship-issue) weapons in 2010? 1,934.

5. How many Condensed Scordite asteroids fully depleted in all of New Eden in 2011? Woah. Err...A lot?

6. How many 720mm Howitzer Artillery Is traded in Jita in March 2010? ~40k.

7. How many pies eaten in the CCP offices in February 2012? Not enough. I love pie. Not much of it in Iceland :(

8. How many times have dev characters (official characters, not private play characters) been podkilled, including tests against each other? 327 since Dec 07.

9. How many Polaris frigates destroyed in 2009? None! They're basically invincible.

10. What percentage of active accounts have at least one character who owns an Arbitrator? 6.2%.

11. How many threads are there on the old forums with the word "sausage" in the title? Wait...what?!

12. How do you play Epic Big Orange Showdown?

13. How many Warrior I drones can you fit in the cargo hold of an Erebus with maxed applicable skills, all low slots filled with the most effective Cargo Hold Expanders in the game, and all rig slots filled with T2 cargo rigs? Answered by Mila Strelok!

14. How many ships were there in space at 20:15 last Wednesday with Exotic Dancers in their cargo hold?

15. How many ridiculous questions do I need to ask before you stop answering them? 10! :p

Post will be updated with answers if/when they arrive.

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