Friday, 23 March 2012

Caboose week *edited*

You team-killing fucktard!

Hello Internet!
Today, I have a Halo Reach challenge for you!

The challenge is this: From now until next Friday, betray your teammates (and don't boot betrayers) in every Halo Reach Matchmaking game you play. For bonus points*, set your helmet to Mark V.

EDIT: I want to make it clear that the idea is to get your entire team in on this, not grief an unsuspecting team.

Now, let's ask Badly Drawn Caboose what's in this for you!
Badly drawn Caboose

...Never mind.

If, in the comments below, I see a link to game stats where either team was at -100 points or below (in Matchmaking Team Slayer) by the end of the game, I will release posters I've made of the featured Freelancers from Red vs Blue Season 9! If not, well...I'll still release the posters, but the Friday after next instead. Yeah it's not much of an incentive does kinda screw up the stats, which I guess is something of a prize? Maybe?

WELP anyway, the challenge starts now. Good luck! (like anyone will actually do this)

*points mean nothing

EDIT: When I posted this on HBO, I was told to fuck off. I'm editing the title to change the link.


  1. Warren Peace is a troll. That said, it's just a plain bad idea to encourage bad behavior.

  2. Even if your whole team is in on this, doesn't it kind of ruin the game for the OTHER team? Easy win or not, if I saw the opposing team just screwing around the whole game, I would probably get bored and quit.


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