Monday, 26 March 2012

My clone's in f**king Nakugard

Railgun Firetail strikes again for the first time

So today, CCP Goliath ran a fleet fight on Singularity, in the official PvP system.
For me, things went wrong from the start.

My SiSi client was out-of-date, and I had two updates to install via the launcher (which, CCP, is FUCKING SLOW), before I could get in game. By this time I was 15 minutes late.

After picking up an extra rig for my Raven, I moved out to the PvP system via the moveme channel. I warped to the moon where the fight was located, and checked for fleets and targets. I didn't get a fleet invite, but there were two CCP-flown Titans, which everyone was shooting, so I started burning in to targeting range. Unfortunately, they both went down before I got in range (sad face).

Lacking a target, I lit up an Armageddon battleship that was sitting nearby. I got a few missile volleys in before he returned fire, but unfortunately by the time I'd almost broken his shields, I was down to armour.
30 seconds later, I warped back to the station in my pod, and resolved to return with something I had better skills for: a Republic Fleet Firetail. Recalling a question I'd asked of CCP Diagoras some time ago ("how many final blows dealt by hybrid-armed Firetails in 2011?"), I fitted it with railguns and a small shield tank.

Warping back in, I spotted a CCP pod, and moved to take it out. On the way in, however, a Machariel battleship apparently armed with artillery targeted me, and opened fire (you bastard). Because I was heading straight towards it, it had no problem tracking me, and I was in armour (oh fuck, shield tank) before I changed course to reduce their ability to track me.

Switching target to a closer player pod, I opened up with my railguns (*miss* fuck. *miss* fuck! *miss* FUCK. *miss* FUCK! *hit* finally), and slowed to get a better shot. However, immediately after I opened fire, some other sod locked me, and dropped a drone flight on me. I flipped on my smartbomb (having anticipated exactly this situation back at the station), and switched my railguns over to hitting a drone. The drones burned through my not-yet-recharged shields and depleted armour, and blew me out of the sky. Again.

Because this whole thing was in a warp bubble, I started flying back out to warp-able space in my pod, chatting in local about how I would come back with a laser Firetail next time. Then someone locked me.

Jace Errata > stop podding me, my clone's in fucking Nakugard


So I went to play Mass Effect 3, where I ended up teamed with a total dickbiscuit of a Turian Sentinel who followed me around shooting half the troopers I got with Singularity before I could combo them, and running around making sure no enemies spawned in the area I was positioned to cover.


Side note: I was going to make a favicon and new header image for the blog today, but fleet fight...and I forgot. Again. 

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