Friday, 10 February 2012

Brute Force default controls

Haha, you thought you'd heard the last of this, didn't you?

The theoretical default control scheme for Brute Force: Golem Assault Trooper.

Move forward : W
Strafe left : A
Move backward : S
Strafe right : D
Jump : Spacebar (on vehicles: brake)
Weapon fire : Left click (on melee weapons: slash)
Weapon melee : Right click (on melee weapons: stab) (on vehicles: toggle lights)
FAME options : F2
Options/pause : ESC
Look around : Mouse
Weapon scope / HUD zoom (binoculars if A-HUD upgrade is not active) : Mouse scroll wheel
Airstrike map : F1
Dive for cover, left target : CTRL+A
Dive for cover, front target : CTRL+W
Dive for cover, right target : CTRL+D
Boost forward : CTRL+S
Weapon switch : Q
Throw FAME : Hold F to set throw power, release to throw
Action (enter vehicle, gunner position etc., use item, interact etc.) : E
Fly (if Aerial Maneuvering Upgrade is active and charged) : Hold spacebar while airborne (lateral movement as normal)
View teams and scores : Tab
Manually set Dive For Cover targets : F3
Switch ammo : R
Unarmed combat (interactive cutscene takedown using QTE cursor key sequences) : CTRL+rightclick, then cursor keys
Crouch : Shift (hold)
Toggle prone : CTRL+Shift
Text chat : Enter
Voice chat : Backspace
Activate installed upgrades : Number keys

1: Black Light optical camouflage
2: ECM grid inlay
3: Deployable deflection plates
4: Combat drones (CTRL+4 for options such as Perimeter, Sentry, Escort etc.)
5: Recon drone (CTRL+5 to switch between normal view and drone view)

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