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Snakeyverse game achievement list

I should write for Cracked.

Yep, it's another list!

Standard achievements
Oh, The Irony: Kill 50 enemies with the Pulse Rifle
Brainstorming: Get 50 headshots with the Shock Rifle
Leet Skillz: Kill 50 enemies with the Moskit
ROFLstomped: Kill 50 consecutive enemies with the Fraction Boltgun
Not A Natural Formation: Secret easter egg achievement
Left Turn: Kill 50 enemies with the Gauntlet
Yo Dawg I Heard You Like Explosions: Plant a Field Antimatter Explosive on top of another FAME
Suppressing Fire: Miss 10 consecutive shots with the Barrett-Winters S-312-B
Trooper: Kill 100 enemies
Troop Commander: Kill 500 enemies
Swift: Kill 1000 enemies
General Purpose Rifleman: Kill 50 enemies with the Aucken T-22 GPR
Firin Teh Laz0rz: Kill 50 enemies with the 10MW Pulse Laser
Alles In Ordnung: Kill 50 enemies with the StPzKpfW Mark X Ausf. C "Elite Tiger"
Bar Games: Kill 50 enemies with any dart-firing weapon (railguns, flechette-loaded projectile weapons, Fraction Boltgun)
Critical Hit: Kill an enemy with one shot from the Moskit
Fencing Black Belt: Kill 50 enemies with the Monoblade
Nerfbat: Kill 50 enemies with any blaster weapon
Disco Mode: Kill 50 enemies with any pulse weapon (dust-pulse or pulse laser)
Playing With Fire: Kill 50 enemies with incendiary ammunition
Die, Ants: Kill 50 enemies with orbital bombardment
Obvious Racist: Kill 20 consecutive enemies of the same species (not available in PvP multiplayer games)
Coward And Proud Of It: Dive for cover 50 times in the same game
I Fought The Enemy And The Enemy Won: Die 10 times without getting any kills
Winning: Complete the campaign solo
Bro Mode: Complete the campaign co-op
Four Pedals For Your Convenience: Kill 50 enemies by running them over with an APC
Back Seat Soldier: Kill 50 enemies with a vehicle's passenger weapons
Like A Fish: Kill 5 consecutive enemies without being detected
Greatest Of Ease: Die while airborne
Spectacular Idiocy: Fall overboard on The Costa Rica
All Of The Things: Detonate 10 max-yield FAMEs
Blam Blam Ooh Shiny: Get two consecutive kills, then die to an enemy you weren't looking at
Playing The Wrong Game: Quit a multiplayer game within 30 seconds of joining it
STFU & GTFO: Kill an enemy with orbital bombardment while they were typing
There Was A Spider On Your Face: Kill a teammate with a headshot with the 10MW Pulse Laser
Tactical Blunder: Die while surrounded by 10 or more enemies
You Moron: Die to your own orbital bombardment
Worst Throw Ever: Kill yourself with a minimum-yield FAME
Death By Incompetence: Get killed by a teammate with a melee weapon
"Pro": Get 10 consecutive kills with the Cyclone APW
Legitimate Strategy: Get 10 consecutive kills without moving with any long gun
Greatest Nerd Of All Time: Send me the details of every shout-out or reference in this list (EVE Mail, link to a page via Twitter, or comment)
Hey Guys What's Up: Save a teammate from getting Tactical Blunder within 30 seconds of joining the game
One Does Not Simply Walk: Get 10 kills in the same Aerial Maneuvering Upgrade cycle
Another Fine Mess: Die while surrounded by 10 enemies, with a teammate within 5 metres of you
Quick To The Fail-Mobile: Die within 10 seconds of entering a vehicle
Close Enough: Kill an enemy with the heat from a laser shot
I For One Welcome Our New Overlords: Have no kills at the end of a multiplayer game

Okay, I think that's everything for this list :) Ha ha, as if

Maggots!: Kill 50 enemies with any rocket or missile weapon
Roll Out: Kill 10 consecutive enemies by running them over with the StPzKpfW Mark X Ausf. C "Elite Tiger"
Jumped The Shark: Kill an ambient animal on Ripple using a melee weapon
Want You Gone: Kill the same enemy 10 consecutive times with any Heavy-class weapon (PvP only)
Set Them Up The Bomb: Kill 10 or more enemies with the same FAME
Great Justice: Kill 50 enemies with Combat Drones
Bond James Bond: Kill 10 consecutive enemies with the Silenced KA-1104k
Feelin' Lucky: Kill 10 consecutive enemies with the Moskit-B Magnum
You Wish You Were This Good: Kill 50 consecutive enemies with the Fraction CQHNB
Blue Vs Red Battles: Kill 100 enemies in PvP multiplayer
How Do I Shot Boosters: Fall to your death while equipped with a functional Aerial Maneuvering Upgrade
Protect Me Bro: Get a teammate killed by dodging behind them
You Fail Stealth Forever: Die with the Black Light and Silent Running upgrades active
Situational Awareness: Kill an enemy with a Heavy-class weapon without being detected

Yay for more achievements!

Ugly Bags of Mostly Water: Kill 100 Jetstone Army soldiers in campaign or multiplayer
Why We're Here: Win 10 PvP games on Familiar Surroundings
Best Player Ever: Get an achievement
K.I.A.: Die with a streak higher than 50 but less than 100
M.I.A.: Die with a 100+ streak
Delicious JaAM: Score 5 times in a Hazardous Materials game
Mann Co. Employee: Play at least one multiplayer game with each helmet equipped

Aaand again

More Than The Measure: Call in orbital support 10 times in one game
Team Vanguard: Kill an enemy within 3 seconds of exiting a matter transmitter, then die within 3 seconds of that kill
Engage The Enemy: Get the achievements "All Of The Things", "Winning", "Bro Mode", "K.I.A.", "M.I.A.", "Trooper", "Troop Commander", "Swift", "Blue vs Red Battles", and "Ugly Bags of Mostly Water"
Run, You Fools: Fall to your death because a Chiroptivore NPC pushed you off an edge
One Last Thing: Kill an enemy after the end of a multiplayer game
The Howling Dark: Die by falling on the level "Watch Your Step"

Yep, there's more.

Polity Agent: Kill 50 enemies with the Gas-Pulse Rifle
One For The Completionists: Get every other achievement
A Web Of Air: Kill 10 enemies with combat drones on the map Atmospheric
If You Show Me How: Die within 3 seconds of a team-mate dying
Valve Scheduling: Complete a solo campaign save 12+ months after starting it
I'm Batman: Kill an enemy with a melee weapon while airborne
No More Heroes: Fail to complete your mission


SRS Business: Kill 50 enemies with the Barrett-Winters S-312-B
Cry Some More: Win a PvP multiplayer game without dying once, and scoring at least 5 points higher than the next player on your team
Bonus Points For Paying Attention: Unlock bonus track #3, "All That Remains"
This Is Our Land: Make it to Wave 14 in a Last Stand multiplayer game on the map Midnight City
The Burning Life: Complete 7 First Wave multiplayer games on the map Amongst The Ruins
A Hop, A Skip, And A Jump: Enter an MTLN on the map Teleportesis while airborne
What Goes Up: Die by hitting the ground too hard
One Shall Fall: Be on the losing team of a PvP multiplayer game by one point

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