Thursday, 23 June 2011

Backstory: AI Battleships

Story time.

Time for some good, old-fashioned character bios! You might remember AI battleships from the timeline I posted a while back...

Strike Fraction AI battleship Xantium
''You have the right to scream in terror.''
Xantium is the heavy artillery of Strike Fraction, called in when things get nasty. His smooth, passive-aggressive gold-skinned avatar contrasts with his massive, heavily-armed hull, hinting at the deep mental instability inherent in AI battleships.

Scout Fraction AI battleship Valiance 404
''Get away from me, squish-freak!''
Valiance is the stereotypical AI: he detests organic life, and feels most comfortable with other AIs and his shipboard Golem. This makes him perfect for his role as an explorer and observer; he will never get too involved.

Council Fraction AI battleship Ace Of Diamonds
''Quit f**king it up!''
As Council Fraction's space-time pollution enforcement AI, AceD is one of the most powerful AI battleships around. While not as heavily-armed as Xantium, his control over the root physics of the universe enables him to do his job effectively...which doesn't mean he likes it.

Strike Fraction AI battleship Rider On The Storm
Fast and nimble where Xantium is bulky and slow, bloodthirsty and antagonistic where Xantium is quiet and (mostly) diplomatic, Rider On The Storm is the closest a battleship can come to a fighter. His penchant for causing trouble balances well with his ability to ''close it down'' if it gets out of hand.

Scout Fraction AI battleship Xari Li Soon
''Blame Xant.''
Xari is fun-loving and sparky, and possibly the sanest of the AI battleships. When she's not cruising Atmos helping the colonists, she can usually be found tagging along on Xantium's missions.

Scout Fraction AI battleship Arqenaut
-No quote available-
Nobody really knows much about Arqenaut. So instead, let's talk about the mythical creature he takes his name and shape from!

Mythical AI deep-cyberspace creature ''The Arqenaut''
The legend of the Arqenaut just goes to show how fast AIs work. In just over a year they have a fully functional advanced society...and deep-rooted folklore.
The Arqenaut's shape doesn't vary much from storyteller to storyteller, unlike most human legendary creatures, always appearing as a huge, cybernetic, squid-shaped...thing. This leads some to suspect it may be real, and many AIs spend their free time searching the depths of cyberspace for it.

More on AI battleships, Golem and Fractions coming...somewhen in the future!

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