Saturday, 4 June 2011

It had to happen sometime.

Don't get too attached to your ships.

Well, this sucks.
Ice mining op in Barkrik (a system in EVE) with NASY. Someone grabbed one of our JCs; it ended up with me and a few others trying to take out a shield-tanked Drake. Despite Hawk in an ECMing Scorpion, Sam in a Jaguar, me in a 'Cane, and JJ in a Kestrel (or Merlin, I forget), we lost. Lost most of our ships. And I can't afford a new 'Cane. Maybe the corp will help pay. I don't know.

R.I.P. NASY Hurricane Ace Of Hearts.

At least we didn't get podded, and I think JJ and Sam made it out.

I guess I got off better than Hawk; he lost something else (maybe a Ferox) as well as his Scorpion.

That's all for that.

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