Tuesday, 14 June 2011

RvB S9 up, EVE Online down

I guess none of us are only saints or sinners.

Red vs. Blue Season 9 Episode 1 is live at RoosterTeeth.com! It is awesome. Only a few minutes long though, so not a whole bunch of stuff to talk about. (I wouldn't anyway. Spoilers.)
In other, less totallyfreakin'awesome, news, that bunch of hackers known as LulzSec (of PBS, FBI, US Senate fame), has hit EVE Online and several other MMORPGs with a DDoS attack. CCP took down the servers as a precaution. ETA for EVE's return is unknown.
In other other, slightly more totallyfreakin'awesome, news, you can go ahead and follow @JaceErrata and @SP_TauCeti on Twitter!

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