Wednesday, 6 July 2011

YOTS redesign, KA-1337c coming

Plans. For the future. You know, like most other plans.

A new look is coming soon to the YOTS front page (and all the other pages too)!
Well...soon-ish. I...have a vague idea about what I want to do with it.
It's gonna be more awesome than the current one, fo' shizzle. Yay!

Part 2 of this post, with more detail and stuff! (Also, it's something I really like to talk about...)
Eridani Systems Inc., Aperture Science and TNP Corporation PRESENT:
MOWS V KA-1337 'Heavy K' Powered Armour
I may have mentioned before the MOWSWIR (Maximum Ownage Weapons System With Integrated Railgun) armour. This is the upgrade. Well alright, the third upgrade. Same difference. Differences include:
- Increased agility
- No railgun
- Increased survivability
- Railgun replaced with back-mounted Gatling cannon similar to those mounted on the MOWS I KA-2 'Overload' Powered Armour (STARCRASH/2165)
- Increased MJOLNIR resemblance (always a good thing :D)
- Flight systems rebalanced and better-integrated
- Increased overall awesomeness
- AI link systems improved
- Increased numbers of ''- Increased...'' lines alternating with other content in description

I hope to have pictures of the concept art up sometime!

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