Thursday, 21 July 2011

Backstory: Fraction Total Golem assault infantry

The brave and the bold.
 Quick note: Golem as a concept are from Neal Asher's Polity books. However, the Snakeyverse Golem do have some differences. Also, no copyright infringement here! I love those books, and using Golem is just a fan thing.

Golem are the front line of any Fraction planetside operation. Infiltrating covertly or dropping from the skies, they are the first to make contact - even if the planet in question doesn't realise it.

They are also robots.
A Golem is a sentient combat android, comprised of a base body and a standard AI. The body is often armoured in addition to the powered suits many Golem use.
The AI is designed to be social, but also cold and vicious when in combat. Combined, a normal Golem AI, its body, and a few of its friends, are the most efficient tactical unit in existence. And that's not even counting weapons. Due to its resilience and strength, a Golem body is capable of using not only standard weaponry, but also the larger, more powerful weapons designed for the MOWS armour and combat AIs, as well as custom weapons created by the Golem themselves (often scaled-down versions of shipmount energy weapons, railguns and Terminal Velocity Kinetic/Antimatter guns).

A complement of Golem is assigned to every AI battleship. They are trained in shipboard, planetside and EVA combat, and some even provide extra processing power to their host battleship.

Standard equipment (basic templates provided to all units. Golem usually also use custom equipment):
Centaur-B full-tracked APC
Definity full-wheeled APC
StPzKpFw X Tiger V Ausf. C heavy tank
StPzKpFw XII Lion II Ausf. E railgun platform
KA-19903c TNP standard Orbital Drop Plate
KA-20145m TNP standard Aucken 7.62mm GPR
Fraction Total standard Golem armour kit
Helmet variants: Speed, Sleek, Panzer, PzK, Heavy, Blast, Standard, Recon, EVA, Sniper, MOWS V 'Heavy K' variant G, Assault, Drone, Golem Standard, Command, Deep Six, AI Uplink

Unit structure:
Golem Heavy Assault Unit (1 per ship)
Overcommander (OC)
 Troop (50 per GHAU)
 Troop Commander (TC)
 Heavy Weapons Trooper

Deployment structure:
Standard drop
  1. The AI battleship arrives in orbit
  2. A preliminary barrage is launched (if needed)
  3. Heavy containers carrying vehicles and their crews are launched
  4. The Golem launch using standard Orbital Drop Plates (a shielded chunk of metal with hardpoints for one Golem and its equipment)
  5. The landing area is secured by vehicles, while a base is constructed from the drop plates and containers.
  1. AI battleship arrives in orbit, cloaked
  2. Cloaked interceptor drones launch, carrying matter-transmitter beacons
  3. Golem specializing in covert ops are moved planetside by matter-transmitter
  4. The Golem set up observation points, and send recon teams into urban areas equipped with EWAR and recording kit and Null-Vision reflective camouflage armour.
  5. Infiltration team knocks out any important defenses and initiates contact with governments

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