Monday, 19 September 2011


Ragequits, failquits, NEx, Incarna, and more!
 Hi, I'm Jace Errata, and I'm here to tell you, the EVE Online community, that Jesus Christ you have overreacted. And are also incredibly annoying a lot of the time.

Let's explore that.

When Incarna and the NEx were released, everyone went beserk. "We're being forced into the CQ! CCP sucks! NEx is the end of EVE! CCP sucks! Quick, let's troll every thread on the forums with "Feature available for AUR" comments! CCP sucks! CQ is terrible!"

When the Fearless newsletter was leaked, people went beserk-er. "CCP sucks! $1000 jeans will doom us all! CCP sucks! Let's append -gate to the primary NEx item even though it's nothing like Watergate! CCP sucks!"

And that is overreaction.
Sure, CCP could have done their upcoming change (a button to disembark to CQ from the hangar) from the start. But that's about it. Incarna's engine is basically a prototype. The Minmatar CQ was released to tide us over while they finished the other CQs and the rest of the station interiors, of course it still needs work. There's nothing there to ragequit about. Create forum petitions, generally protest, but ragequitting is overreaction.

Same for the NEx. CCP should have released their pricing template earlier, but the NEx itself is not game-breaking. It sells vanity items that are optional, and can be traded ingame for ISK- and even essentially bought with a pre-existing currency (PLEX). It's not selling "Golden Ammo", and devs have said repeatedly that it never will.

In Fearless, yes, they did say it would be one route. But Fearless was a most-extreme-scenario thing. The devs were asked to write from extreme points of view, and it was never company policy. (These details from CCP releases that nobody else seems to have read.)
Again,  nothing to ragequit about. Make sure it's known you disagree with those extreme viewpoints, but for chrissakes don't believe every rumour, leak, and biased news article you see. At least not without waiting for other evidence.

Rambling on. (I do this. I'm not very good at writing flowing, coherent blogs.)
CQ did cause difficulties for some GPUs. I'm not sure what kind of difficulties, as there were no problems on my midrange card with all options set to High. But, it's a prototype. They're working on it. They'll need to if they're gonna use the same engine for World of Darkness. That and EVE make two reasons why the current version of the Incarna engine is not final, and will certainly be improved. Instead of ragequitting, keep subbing so CCP has enough money to get DUST514 and WoD off the ground, and keep EVE running.

Annoying forum community is annoying.
FFS shut up with the troll threads, and troll responses to any pro-Incarna post or idea (or indeed any idea). With a few exceptions, you are the most vicious, rude, antisocial, anti-new-player, anti-anything-you-disagree-with-at-first-glance, troll-filled community I have ever seen. I don't see how you expect to get new targets for your Epic Totally-Not-PvE Shiny Cannon IIs if you drive them away with your assholeyness before they can even fly BCs.

Jace out.

PS if you absolutely have to ragequit, go. Don't hang around on the forums wasting everyone's time with your butthurt bulls**t.

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