Saturday, 3 December 2011

Letters from the 'Verse #1

UV Ceti Air-Traffic Control Borders Report, November 4404 PT 
Border Department Leader Fray Belita
UV Ceti Air-Traffic Control
UV Ceti Atmosplane
UV Ceti region

To: Records Department Officer Ahan Komikov
Yan-Meia Archive Station
New Cherenko Atmosplane
Visegrad region

During the month from 1/11/4404 to 30/11/4404, UV Ceti Atmos patrol-craft were wholly or partly responsible for the interception and detention of:

Private starship Block Street VFN-1192E (carrying illegal goods)
Private starship Bloody Mary AFN-1245A (carrying illegal goods)
Private starship Belay That HFN-2099A (carrying illegal goods)
Private starship Carry On CFN-9574B (carrying illegal goods)
Private starship Gordon M Holiday VFN-4788C (carrying illegal goods)
Private starship Grizzled Fish HFN-0652J (carrying illegal goods)
Private starship Mount Crescent AFN-7581A (carrying illegal goods)
Private starship Sunnyvale (no transponder)
Private starship To Infinity (no transponder)
Planet-State of Gran Lyio lightrunner Star One (no transponder, failed to register flight plan)
Planet-State of Gran Lyio orbital fighters (5x, no transponder, failed to register flight plan, engaged UV Ceti patrol craft)
Planet-State of Gran Lyio orbital cruiser Brave (no transponder, failed to register flight plan, engaged UV Ceti patrol craft)
Planet-State of Belwakkan assault transport NAME UNKNOWN (no transponder, failed to register flight plan, attempted to land an invasion force on an Atmosplane)
Planet-State of Belwakkan battlecruiser NAME UNKNOWN (no transponder, failed to register flight plan, engaged UV Ceti patrol craft)
Planet-State of Morkon-Wakey invasion fleet (~100x, no transponder, failed to register flight plan, engaged UV Ceti patrol craft, engaged Fraction interceptor, engaged Fraction AI battleship)

Fraction assistance was required to repel the Planet-State of Morkon-Wakey fleet. A wing of 50 interceptor drones was first sent, followed by the AI battleship StFA Ten of Clubs. The AI battleship's intervention was sufficient to stop the fleet.

Eleven UV Ceti ATC craft were destroyed or damaged beyond reasonable repair during this month:

Atmos frigate Hu Chan Wei FR-012 (Morkon-Wakey fleet, 80% survival)
Atmos frigate Banner's Revenge FR-154 (Morkon-Wakey fleet, 100% survival)
Atmos cruiser Pisces ACR-0963 (Morkon-Wakey fleet, 75% survival)
Atmos cruiser Kamchatka 2 ACR-0086B (Morkon-Wakey fleet, 50% survival)
Atmos cruiser Cold Heart ACR-2386 (Morkon-Wakey fleet, 65% survival)
Atmos cruiser Still, Moving ACR-3437B (Belwakkan battlecruiser, 100% survival)
Atmos cruiser Grease Monkey ACR-1726 (Gran Lyio orbital cruiser, 95% survival)
Atmos cruiser Edgedancer ACR-01845 (collision with freighter Auric Pendragon, 100% survival)
Atmos cruiser Arabian Knight ACR-4187 (caught in a spatial distortion effect, 0% survival)
Null-space cruiser Cold Blue Light NSC-049 (skirmish with a spaceborne organic life-form, 85% survival)
Battleship Black Tower BA-901 (crash-landed on integrated planet following severe damage suffered while exploring a wormhole)
Replacements for these losses were transferred in from the Aster Colora AP reserve yard.

Total legitimate border traffic for UV Ceti region increased by 2% (45,000 ships) this month. The increase consisted mostly of the new Atmos cruise-liners, and Atmos-integration-equipment ships headed for planets soon to be enveloped by Atmos.

Record category: BORDER-4404/reports/monthly/security

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