Monday, 12 December 2011

Fleetin' yo

Oddly, the red CCP employees were not GMs.

[Write-up of the Sunday 11 December CCPfleet, or at least my part in it]

So I finally caught a CCPfleet \o/

After checking in the Live Events channel, I grabbed an autocannon Stabber and headed for the defence fleet rendezvous system, Rens. Along the way, CCPs started appearing in the Live Events channel, but while greetings and banter were exchanged, we received no location information.
Once in Rens, scouts started looking for the CCPfleet. It was discovered to be near Akkio while the defence fleet (which I named the Fleet of Glorious Consequence) was moving to Bei. By the time we got to Bei, the CCPfleet was in TJM-JJ. We had to divert around a system to avoid a bubble, but still managed to arrive fairly quickly. We waited on one of the gates in TJM, killing everything that came through and we could catch.
After a few minutes of this, I got fed up of not getting in on any of the kills, and went over to the other gate to visit the CCPfleet. I was immediately locked, and had a bunch of missiles dropped on me. Learning from local that CCP was shooting everyone on grid, I ran away (waiting only for the bubble, which apparently a CCP had dropped) to go down.
Ten minutes after I got back to the defence fleet, a fleet of Drakes and support ships arrived, and started pwning everything. I lit up a Drake briefly, but thanks to an inexplicable lack of damage output from my (four 425mm) autocannons, and being once more (see SiSi PvP blog) apparently primaried, I went down quickly, and was podded before I could get to the gate.

Also, from late Rens onwards, after I named the defence fleet the Fleet of Glorious Consequence, I did all my chat in an Elite personality.

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