Friday, 25 November 2011

It's Not My Fault I Fail At PvP

Or: Why Am I Suddenly Being Shot At By Two Titans And Some Battlecruisers?
Today I went on SiSi to find some casual PvP. (The fact that I went on SiSi to do that is not a statement about TQ PvP; I'm just too skint to do it on TQ)

I fitted up a Prophecy, and undocked to find some rats to test the fit on first. On reaching the asteroid belt, I discovered that I'd forgotten my frequency crystals, and, feeling rather stupid, returned to the station to get some.

On undocking again, this time fully loaded, I x'd up for a fleet, and was invited to a fleet apparently engaging a pair of Avatar-class Titans. I warped to the appropriate fleet member, and turned on my Damage Control. (Possibly should have also checked whether armour hardeners are active or not...)
Landing in the middle of a firefight, right next to a fleet member's dreadnought, I spotted an Oracle-class battlecruiser firing on a fleet member. I targeted the Oracle, set my navigation to orbit it at 2.5km, engaged my afterburner, and lit it up with a full complement of pulse lasers, an energy destabilizer, five light drones, and a stasis webifier. The Oracle's shields fell quickly, and I had just started on its armour when all of a sudden, about six different ships had me locked, my own shields were down, and the Oracle was suddenly back at full shields. I warped out shortly afterwards in my pod, demoralized, and went to play some Halo.

In summary, I warped in, engaged a target, and died to a barrage of enemy fire that was directed at me quickly, and with no apparent regard for higher-priority targets. My question is this: is there anything I should have done differently? Should I have engaged one of the Titans instead? Or was I just a higher-priority target than I had thought?

PS my Prophecy was fitted with the following:
6x T1 medium pulse laser, Multifrequency M
1x 50W Contagious Energy System Malfunction
Medium slots
1x 10MN Afterburner II
1x 'Langour' Drive Disruptor I
1x Barton Capacitor Recharger
Low slots
2x T1 regenerative nano plating (not activated if that was required)
1x Medium Armour Repairer II
1x Damage Control II
2x Rolled Tungsten Plating I
Rig slots
2x T1 medium cap rig
1x Medium Anti-Explosive Pump I

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