Monday, 12 November 2012

Brute Force expansions

Time for some more of that thing nobody wants to hear about!

I was bored and had some ideas, so here is a list of single-player expansions for Brute Force.

1. Project RAINDANCE
Play five original missions as Recon Trooper Erlin-I, set during the Universe War, two years before the events of Brute Force: Golem Assault Trooper.
Someone is trying to sabotage a secret project - and it's up to Erlin to stop them...without even knowing what the project is. And as it turns out, it's not a mission she wants to fail.
Adds armour set Light Recon to multiplayer.

2. Kind Hearts and Bayonets
Play five original missions as Troop Commander Arkady, set on Outlink Station Midnight City, one year before the events of Brute Force: Golem Assault Trooper.
In the seedier, more isolated districts of many cities, Fraction, Corporate, and Governance presence is looked upon with displeasure. But Arkady must venture into the underworld of Midnight City anyway, to shut down a criminal organization that's not quite what it seems.
Adds armour set Optimum Maximal to multiplayer.

3. Solitaire For Heroes
Play five original missions as Shock Trooper Kall, set in various locations across the Orion region, nine months before the events of Brute Force: Golem Assault Trooper.
Kall's a veteran soldier. He's deployed more than four hundred times, and it's made him professional at what he does. But can even Kall, best of the best, be overwhelmed by an alien enemy that shouldn't exist?
Adds armour set Long Haul Perseus to multiplayer.

4. The Brave and the Bold
Play five original missions as Demolitions Trooper Grim, set on Titan, six months before the events of Brute Force: Golem Assault Trooper.
A mining op gone south; a fully-crewed drill rig trapped underground. All in a day's work for Grim: blast in, extract, blast out. But some of these fallen rocks look suspiciously similar to rocks fragmented by drilling-specialized explosives...
Adds armour set Damaged Corporation Standard to multiplayer.

5. The Sleeping Giant
Play five original missions as Shock Trooper Raykee, set on Iron Hope, capital of the Core Governance, three months before the events of Brute Force: Golem Assault Trooper.
A routine rest stop turns into a playful adventure for Raykee - Iron Hope is a mysterious place even to the Fraction, and she gets the chance to take a look...and discovers something she wasn't expecting at all. Something big. Something unknown. Something...AI.
Adds armour set UA-ES Cataphract to multiplayer.

6. All Good Things
Play six original missions, one as each member of the team, set on the Fraction Total station Edge of the Precipice, three months after the events of Brute Force: Golem Assault Trooper.
Jetstone is ten drops ago now, and Eight Track is galaxies away, patrolling the outer edge of the Great Wild region. But something, or someone, from that mission is coming back to haunt the team. And this threat is close to home. Very close.
Adds armour sets MOWS V, Eight Track, Council Fraction Elite, and Sum Of Our Parts to multiplayer.

These expansions are released and play in sequence: starting a new game with all six expansions installed will begin the game with Project RAINDANCE, proceed through Kind Hearts and Bayonets, Solitaire For Heroes, The Brave and the Bold, and The Sleeping Giant before reaching the original campaign, and will continue to All Good Things after completion of the campaign.

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