Sunday, 8 January 2012

That awkward moment

When you realize you just fucked up rather spectacularly
WELP. I just stole a couple hangar-loads of misc. crap, and several ships, from my corp. And I accidentally let them notice, too.

I blame this on several things:
1. Insufficient preparation. The decision to do it was taken literally the day before.
2. In a rush. I had one hour, and I wanted to get some Halo into that hour as well as the theft.
3. No experience. This was my first corp theft, and while I had a fairly good idea of how to do it, I only realized I had missed a vital step the next day (today).
4. I'm too much of a nice guy. The guilt was already starting to kick in, and I wasn't thinking clearly.

Since I got all those things wrong, I will, instead of fake-helping with the hunt for the "real" thief, be writing a corp mail shortly, and starting the process of leaving the corp when I get on later (if I'm not already booted).

So, I now have an effectively terminated relationship with this corp, and a fairly large amount of halfway-valuable kit, including what looks like a Mackinaw. With any luck, I should be able to secure another corp soon, and start on a more unscrupulous play-style...funded by the Raven I should be able to buy with the proceeds from the theft.

Now, I said I missed a vital step: my alt. Instead of hurriedly moving all the stuff into my hangars, then running off to my rookie system in a Condor, I should have contracted the stuff to my utility alt in Gallente space, and avoided the blame. I would still have been able to use the ISK (admittedly slightly delayed due to the requirement for the alt's presence to sell it), and I would have remained in the corp.

Incidentally, I don't think they realize the extent of what I've done. If I wanted, I could return a few items, contract the rest to my alt, then claim innocence ("I just took a couple things to use, didn't think anyone needed them"). However, if they do know I took ALL the things, that would seem like an insult to their intelligence, and I don't want to do that. They're nice people, it's not their fault I decided to steal all their things.

Lessons learned:

- Think things through.
- Use available resources efficiently.
- Scout ahead. I wasted time trying to steal things I didn't have the permissions to steal.
- Be cold. Feeling guilty about it got in the way.
- Have a contingency plan. I expected them not to notice, and was caught off guard when they did.

What next:
As of now, I'm searching for a corporation with the following attributes:

- Well-established
- Far enough away from Metropolis that my newfound criminality won't affect them (Caldari space or nullsec preferred)
- Accepting of that criminality
- Willing to engage in soft-RP banter and discussion of low-end piracy (mine)
- Willing to let me do my thing down here, and just be people for me to talk to and occasionally visit.
* Willing to believe me when I say I do not intend to steal from the corp as I don't like doing it.

In summary, this was a poorly-executed small-game heist that nonetheless very likely paid for my first battleship, and got me started on being more piratey in EVE.

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